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Introduction We understand how critical it is to have your business up and running. Since we run a business also we know how challenging it is to manage the demands of technology changes and the growth of your business.

Mission Statement The main goal is to make sure your Information Technology (IT) structure is available, secure and operational to meet your everyday business demands of growing your business and increasing your revenue. This is where Onpoint Systems, Inc. will help you visualize the benefits you are expecting from your IT systems.

Our Goals

Onpoint Systems, Inc. specializes in network management, computer systems support, data protection, disaster recovery and IT consulting. We focus on Microsoft technologies and associated systems so your business can benefit from industry leading vendors. Our primary objective is to provide Small and Medium Businesses (SMB) Enterprise level solutions to run and maintain their IT systems.

Why Onpoint Systems?

Onpoint Systems, Inc. is proud to be recognized by Microsoft as a Microsoft Small Business Specialist company. This recognition proves our staff’s technical skills are continually being updated to ensure we deliver the best quality of Microsoft support to our clients. We believe that we as experts in our field should be up-to-date with changing and emerging technologies to effectively provide our clients the maximum return on their IT systems investment. This is why our staff is trained in every product or service we provide ensuring the best solution and support is rendered to our clients. Our staff is also certified to work in U.S. Clinical settings. We have been servicing the Indianapolis Metro Area since 2002 and we are privately owned. We specialize in small and medium business support. Onpoint Systems is open between the hours of 8 and 5 on weekdays with the exception of major holidays. Weekend services are provided on appointment basis and we provide 24/7 emergency support.

Why Onpoint Systems!

It is our duty to provide small businesses with enterprise level technology solutions to ensure they have the best level of protection in terms of security as well as a professionally configured network.

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