Protect Your Home

Untangle has partnered with Linksys to bring you the best firewall protection for your home. Every home should have one of these!

Wi-Fi Not Working?

Let us fine tune your  current Wi-Fi coverage in your small business or home.

Looking for a new Wi-Fi installation? We can help!

Protect Your Network

Protect your data, your computer systems
and your business from all types of malware, spyware and ransomware!

Server Care

The most important system in your business is the server. Be alerted, be proactive and receive expert support for your server.

Computer Care

The perfect solution for all your system needs including unlimited support. Perfect for business and home computers.

Data Care

Backup your files daily, automatically and to the cloud. Receive notifications on the status of your backups or let us manage your backups.

Firewall Care

Stop viruses and hackers before they enter your network. Scan emails, downloads and files before they reach your system.

Wi-Fi Care

Looking to install a new wireless network, expand your current coverage, provide guest Wi-Fi or upgrade hardware at your business?

Security Care

Is your network secured? Is your data safe?
Why guess! With our security service we can expose security threats and vulnerabilities.

What our clients say.

“We never thought one IT company could be different from another. Huge difference after partnering with Onpoint Systems.”

Glenda H.

Vice President

“Thorough explanation of proposed solution. Good communication skills and excellent follow through.”



“Dan is one of the most talented and driven individuals I’ve met. He gets the job done on time, and on budget. I recommend them.”


I.T. Supervisor

Why Onpoint Systems!

It is our duty to provide small businesses with enterprise level technology solutions to ensure they have the best level of protection in terms of security as well as a professionally configured network.

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