How much is your data worth?

We know how important security is, but sometimes we don’t realize urgency until we see something tangible. Our Risk Intelligence service will give you a visual by placing a value to your data vulnerability.

Some of the features include:

  • Data risk communicated as financial impact
  • At-risk data discovery
  • Risk trending reports
  • Locate sensitive data stored on your system
  • Discovery of inappropriate access and alerts
  • and more

$49 per scan

Locate Sensitive Data on Your Workstation

By scanning your system you can locate any sensitive data on your computer which you may be unaware is on your computer. Once you know its there you can take the necessary precautions in protecting it or remove it.

Why Onpoint Systems!

It is our duty to provide small businesses with enterprise level technology solutions to ensure they have the best level of protection in terms of security as well as a professionally configured network.

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