Your business’s protection against Internet threats.

  • Uptime Monitoring
  • Weekly Reports
  • Up to 25 Devices
  • Silver Included
  • Device Maintenance
  • Configuration Backup
  • Gold Included
  • Fully Managed
  • Remote Assistance
  • On Site Discounts

The Untangle NG Firewall is designed to balance performance and protection, policy and productivity. It’s an ideal fit for a range of organizations seeking a powerful, cost-effective network security solution that can handle any IT challenge. It is the perfect platform to protect your small business from Internet threats.


Frequently asked questions

Untangle is a firewall device used to protect your network from Internet threats. It also has advanced configuration features to manage traffic effectively.

A modem does not have protection against viruses, hackers and ransomware. The firewall included in the modem given by your provider simply opens and closes doors (ports) to control the flow of traffic. You still need a device which will protect your business from Internet threats by scanning traffic before it reaches your systems.

Untangle’s pricing is based on how many devices will be passing through the firewall appliance. It also depends on the appliance size that is needed. Please give us a call @ 317-353-3253 so we may assist you to find the best solution for your business.

Before shipping you the device, we will schedule a call to gather all the details needed. We will then configure the firewall to match your environments current network configuration for an easy installation.