BYOD: What is it, and why do it?

  BYOD: What is it, and why do it? BYOD refers to “bring your own device” — a business environment where employees of an organization are permitted to use their own laptops, tablets and other mobile devices in lieu of company provided ones.Why is this done? Aside from...

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Increase Mobile Productivity with FSS

  Increase Mobile Productivity with File Sync & Share How often do you see people working on their laptops or tablets in coffee shops? Probably a lot, and this is going to become even more the norm as the traditional ‘workplace’ changes. For example, some companies...

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Make File Sharing with Clients Easy

  Make File Sharing with Clients Easy As a vendor or even a customer, have you had the experience of working with a new company and having to learn yet another file sharing platform? Worse, have you found that it wasn’t compatible with your files, or that there were...

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End Version Control Nightmares

  End Version Control Nightmares Did you send out a Word document for a client or colleague to review today?If you answered yes, here are four reasons to stop doing this:Time delays - Edits cannot happen in real time. You write the document, send it, they review and...

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Use FSS as a Good Branding Opportunity

  Use FSS as a Good Branding Opportunity Are you letting your employees use any file sharing solution they want?Are they collaborating with clients over different platforms?Sharing files via email, text and consumer-grade File Sync & Share (FSS)?Aside from the...

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