Wireless Network Simplified No More Headaches

Experience the simplicity and power of our cloud managed wireless networking. 

Perfect solution for businesses looking to offer their customers free Public WiFi access. This is perfect for all types of business. We are about smarter, simpler WiFi. Our low cost, cloud managed wireless mesh networks allows us to spread an internet connection much easier throughout an apartment, office, cafe. Pretty much just about anywhere else.
With a cloud based network controller, we can manage and monitor your wireless networks at all times. A cloud based controller removes the headache of having an on-site controller to manage your wireless access points. This type of approach allows us to use the same centralized controller to manager one or thousands of access points for the same cost.

Get to know your network

The cloud based network controller shows exactly what is happening on your network in real time. This allows us to manage the users, access points and bandwidth like never before. With bandwidth monitoring and deep packet inspection, we can see what applications are using your bandwidth and when your peak times are. With this type of information we can see which devices are on the network, including operating system, nearest access point, connection performance, bandwidth used and more.
Control Network
Set upload and download throttles on each user, block individual network abusers you notice behaving badly, or control access for specific devices.