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An incredible addition to our services is here. Web Protection will protect your computers and servers from viruses, spyware, malware, phishing and adware that is being pushed by websites designed to infect your system, steal your data and your identity.

Web Protection is perfect for both business and home systems.


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Web Protection contains three components:

Web Security:
This is the most popular out of the three components as it is used by both residential customers and business owners. Residential clients use this component to protect their families and the computers in the home.  This component is designed to stop users from accidentally visiting malicious sites, including those pushing malware, phishing, proxies, spyware, adware, botnets, etc.

Web Filtering:
Web Filtering allows you to control access to the internet by utilizing a specific schedules and/or blocking access to specific categories like social networking (example: Facebook), auctions, games and more…. This is perfect for the work place and also at home.

Bandwidth Monitoring:
With this component you can monitor and receive alerts when a system exceeds specific bandwidth thresholds you have set. Once you are alerted you can remediate quickly to optimize bandwidth and maintain productivity. 

Did we mention the entire service is managed by us? 

This means any time you would like to remove a website from the black list, add a website to the safe list, change a schedule for web filtering, monitor web protection service is enabled and/or change bandwidth monitoring settings just send us an email or call us; We will make the changes for you. This is the best part of the service, it is 100% managed by us! You don't have to worry about how to set it up, configure or manage it!

We know you are convinced you desperately need Web Protection. Click here to start your one month trial.

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