Managed AntiVirusFlexible and adaptable engine


Our Managed Antivirus service will completely change your opinion on how antivirus should work. With managed antivirus you will not receive annoying pop ups about subscriptions or reminders adding tasks to your already busy schedule. With our service you will no longer have to worry about:

  • How to exclude data from realtime and scheduled scans.
  • How to change scanning schedule.
  • If your antivirus is up to date.
  • If your antivirus protection is actually working. 


The managed antivirus engine is based on the award-winning Bitdefender. The Managed Antivirus service offers you a highly effective virus protection with very low impact on system resources when compared to other antivirus providers.

We will monitor the managed antivirus on your servers and workstations and automatically fix threats remotely which reduces your workload. If the antivirus services has not updated or reported in a few days we will be alerted and we will contact you to look into why it has not updated in some time.

Receive reports via email on the current status of the managed antivirus protection and historical reports of all your workstations or servers.

On top of having an award winning scanning engine running on your computer we are also including FREE malware removal service in the unlikely event of malware breaching your computer while using our managed antivirus service.

Have more than on workstation or server in your environment no problem, we can designate a Site Concentrator and it will download and cache both the initial Antivirus pattern definition as well as the incremental difference updates for use by other workstation/servers in the environment. These other computers, then download them from the Site Concentrator, ensuring that each file is downloaded only once, reducing external network traffic.



Virus and Spyware Facts

The average computer becomes infected at least twice a year. The cost to remove viruses and spyware ranges between $130-$235 per incident.