Firewall Care Protect Your Business at the beginning

A firewall is a software program or piece of hardware that helps screen out hackers, viruses, and worms that try to reach your computer over the Internet. It is the first line of defense against the Internet traffic that enters into your business or network.

A firewall is a must have for small businesses to protect against internet threats. However, not just any firewall will do, specially for dental and medical offices. Small businesses are targeted more by hackers because the majority of small businesses are not protected. Get a powerful, simple and affordable firewall by allowing us to install, configure and manage an Untangle NG Firewall.


Our managed firewall service will include powerful tools for complete control of your network. With Untangle, stop viruses and hackers before they enter your network, filter out unwanted traffic, and optimize access to the cloud-based apps that are mission-critical to run your business.

Why an Untangle Managed Firewall?
Not everyone has a cast of thousands in their IT department or the big budget to support one. We get it, and enjoy surprising our customers with powerful, affordable solutions that were once only accessible to big-budget companies.

Not only will your business have an affordable enterprise level firewall but it includes the following features as well.

Network Security
Firewall, Router, Intrusion Prevention, Phish Blocking, VPN, Advanced Antivirus

Content Filtering
Web Filtering, HTTP/SSL Inspection, Application Control
Spam Blocking, Ad Blocking

Performance Optimization
Web Caching, Bnadwidth Control
WAN Balancing & Failover

User Management
Policy Engine, Active Directory Integration, Captive Portal

Standard Reporting, Automatic backups, Scheduled firewall updates, remotely managed, availability monitoring

Oh, by the way, this is the firewall we use!
When you get a chance, please contact us. We have your firewall appliance ready to install at your business for 30 days. We just need your address!





Untangle and HIPPA

How an Untangle Firewall appliance can help your medical or dental practice be HIPPA compliant and protect your patients data. Read the Untangle Whitepaper HIPPA Compliance for details.

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Firewall Care Pricing

An Untangle Firewall packs a big punch and is priced for small businesses in mind when compared to other popular firewall vendors.

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Firewall Appliance Preview

Here is a preview of the actual hardware you will receive.

Untangle Firewall