This is a concern for many computer users especially when it relates to their business. The cost of Information Technology (IT) support is a necessity if you plan to use technology to run your business. For example, you cannot mail a letter without an envelope and a stamp. This makes the envelope and stamp an actual expense. Very similar to the costs of IT support.


Technology allows you to run your business efficiently and does create rapid growth. Lets face it, if everything were still done with just pen and paper your productivity and growth would be much slower. Not to say you would not be able to run your business without technology but it does make it a million times easier.

A flat rate support model helps you determine the cost for keeping your IT infrastructure up and running to reduce downtime to a minimum. The only additional cost would be discounted on site visits and hardware costs if ever needed. With flat rate support you will have assistance with any issues you have no matter how easy or difficult the task; it is pretty much unlimited support. This can be achieved over the internet, phone or email and receive immediate response. No more waiting for the tech to arrive if you just need assistance. My mouse is not working, my screen looks weird, my computer is not printing, my computer is on fire… problem, reach out to your remote IT department and have the issue resolved or help devise an action plan. If you are always on your system and cannot afford any downtime then flat rate support is your only option.

A per hour support model is still used and is slowly becoming the less popular of the two models. This model uses a more reactive approach when it comes to support. A per hour approach is great when there are no issues because you do not have to call anyone for assistance. However, when something goes wrong you now have to pay a tech per hour and sometimes, depending on the issue, it is difficult to determine how long it may take to fix. If you have no issues throughout the year then you do save money but there is no way of really knowing when mayhem will strike. This model also works great for individuals and businesses that are not using their systems too often or do not require an immediate resolution. Of course, the downside is not knowing what it will cost to fix the issue when it does surface and we know it will.

We hope this comparison helps you find the best model for your IT support needs. Just remember, whether you are looking for flat rate support or per hour we fulfill either direction.